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  • Amanda Cooper

Is Linkedin Right for my Business? Here's What you Need to Know

Linkedin is a social media platform for professionals, it has many benefits and can be useful for a wide range of industries. B2B businesses tend to find the most use out of Linkedin as many professionals and businesses use it to network and recruit. There are many benefits to using Linkedin, the main ones being –

Recruitment – you can advertise roles and even headhunt that ideal employee

Networking – connect with people in your industry and build a network

Lead Generation – you can use targeted searches to find prospects for new business

Build trust and credibility – strengthen your brand awareness by actively posting useful information on the platform and gaining recommendations from employees and clients

Establish as Industry Expert – Share your knowledge in posts and articles alongside commenting on relevant posts and topics from others

Research & Monitor Competitors – use Linkedin to watch your competitors and stay ahead of the curve

Build Relationships – connect with clients and stay in touch through Linkedin to strengthen relationships

If you decide that Linkedin is for your business and you haven’t already set up a page, it’s really simple to do. Like Facebook, a business page and a personal page are very different things so if you’ve already got a personal page, it is well worth setting up a business page as well.

Business pages allows your employees to list themselves as working for your business which then displays a link to your page on their personal profile. You can also post news on your page with links to your website and share new job opportunities, and like Facebook, people can follow your page to get updates on your business activities.

You can download a guide on how to set up your Linkedin Business Page here.

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