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Following on from a successful social media project with Amanda, I asked her to create a new website and app to further help promote my services and make it easier for clients to book my services.

The website she created achieved everything I wanted and more. Thank you Amanda for such a great service.

- Dave -

Who are Boxfit?

Boxfit is a local club that covers a wide variety of fitness services, including personal training and classes for all levels to those in the Beds, Herts & Bucks area.

What was the challenge?

During our social media campaign, Dave expressed an interest in a new website and app that could be used to bring Boxfit forward in a post Covid-19 world.

His aim was to not only provide online classes but also to transfer all bookings to go online, so all services including personal training, group sessions, outdoor classes would be booked through his new website & app. This would provide him with full visibility of class numbers etc to ensure his compliance with ever changing rules and laws based around Covid-19, in addition to that it would also provide him with easier management moving forward.

What was the plan?

Using the Wix platform I was able to create a diverse website which included the following functionality

  • Online Services and ability to book through the website and app

  • Monthly paid membership packages which clients can sign up to and provides access to a number of sessions/library of recordings each month

  • Events section with ability for attendees to register online and staff to check them in on the day

  • A online shop to pre-order Boxfit branded clothing

  • A Blog of which I would write content for to begin with


Through the Wix App we were also able to create an app version of the website for clients to have on their phone, which offers the same functionality as the website, for bookings etc. This also enables staff to keep tabs of the number of attendees for each class and to check those in. The app option makes it even easier for Boxfit clients to book onto sessions. So the plan is then to direct clients from social media onto the website and then after visiting the website convert them to the app.

When the website had been fully tested, we created a social media campaign with teasers for the launch, to build a bit of anticipation and help encourage people to check the new website out.

What were the results?

In the first week of the website and app launch 35 people signed up to the app and 67 online bookings were made in total including online memberships. These numbers have been steadily growing and now 237 members of the app are using it regularly as their go to for booking Boxfit services.

Take a look around the website for yourself

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