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Amanda was great at helping me to expand my services online. By creating great imagery and videos and engaging content for my social media posts, we managed to increase my followers and the uptake of services throughout lockdown. I would definitely recommend her and will be using her services again.

- Dave -

Who are Boxfit?

Boxfit is a local club that covers a wide variety of fitness services, including personal training and classes for all levels to those in the Beds, Herts & Bucks area.

What was the challenge?

Dave Coard reached out to me at the beginning of March, as he wanted to start offering free online circuit classes to people during the UK lock down. At the time Boxfit had a personal training page for people to follow activity and news on and a group page for the Boxfit community to interact with, arrange training sessions with each other etc.

The plan was to carry out the live sessions on his group page, as all members have to be approved for that, so he could keep track of the new people joining up for his new online sessions. But he still wanted to promote this to all his personal training followers and to try to get the word out to more people to help engage new potential clients for the future.

What was the plan?

We created a campaign that encouraged existing followers to share pictures of themselves taking part in the online sessions. We then created collages from these and used them for posts to encourage people to react and share to their own pages.

In addition to this we created a few fun videos with a free video creation tool, mainly to get people engaging with these and thus pushing it out further to people who aren’t already followers of the page.

What were the results?

Dave was extremely pleased with the number of new members to both the group page and the personal training page, many of whom have since enquired about other services and have gone on to book with him.

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