M.A Beare Master Decorators

Who are M.A Beare Master Decorators?

M.A Beare Master Decorators is owned by Martin Beare, who has been offering high end painting and decorating services for over 40 years.

What was the challenge?

Martin contact me to express an interest in creating his own website and setting up a social media account for his business, to help spread use the digital world to spread the word of his services.

What was the plan?

After a discussion about what Martin's goals were for his business and what he wanted to achieve from his website and social media account, we agreed on a plan to create a new basic website to display what he can offer potential clients.

I created a clean, modern and fully mobile optimised website which gives visitors a clear idea of what M.A Beare Master Decorators can offer. I also set up a new Facebook page to enable him to start sharing images of projects that he is currently working on to help him increase his online presence and spread the word of his services further. Take a look at www.mabearemasterdecorators.com

Following his social media set up and website launch Martin also contacted me to create a couple of Facebook adverts for him to help boost his reach and leads. I created 2 locally targeted adverts for him which he was very pleased with, they reached nearly 5000 people, received over 220 visits to his website and 3 solid leads for decorating projects. Each ad was displayed for a 5 day period at £2 per day, meaning that his cost per click to his website was just 5p.

What were the results?

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Hi Amanda, I just wanted to say how happy I am with the website you created for me. I also want to praise you for your prompt, professional manner in which you helped me.

Thank you again, Martin.

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