About Me

my experience

I am a CIM qualified marketing professional with over 14 years experience.

working with me

As an independent freelancer I have no vested interest in up-selling you unnecessary products or services. I will always assess your needs after a no obligation meeting and be honest if your requirements are above my remit. If that's the case I will provide you with advice and recommendations on where you can achieve your business goals.

how i can help you

Whether you require a one off project, a couple of hours per month or something more, we can work out a bespoke package for your needs.

who i work with

I work with small and medium businesses.

My goal is to make my marketing services more affordable for small businesses and the self-employed, who can’t necessarily afford to employ a marketing professional or pay for expensive marketing agencies to help.

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My Experience

My Marketing career began over 14 years ago, I began simply as an Administrator to the Marketing Team in a medium sized law firm, but soon discovered a real passion for this diverse and exciting service.

After gaining my CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing I started to focus more on Digital Marketing and have helped companies to launch and manage new websites, from creating SEO friendly content to designing eye catching imagery and user-friendly functionality. I have set up and managed a number of successful Social Media accounts and have helped to boost online presence organically or, when needed, with paid advertising (Google Ads) and paid social media ads.

More recently I have brushed up further on my design skills and have provided some design services such as logo creation, design of marketing materials such as business cards and flyers, and design of social media imagery via Adobe Spark. I have also achieved the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification with Google Digital Garage.

As a freelancer, I can provide all of the above services, using my varied experience to help businesses who might not have resources, or have no need for a full-time marketer.

Working with me

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I am an independent freelancer and therefore have no vested interest in upselling you things that you don’t necessarily require, I will simply recommend what I feel is best for your business based on your requirements and the information you provide.

I will always have an initial discussion with you regarding your goals and needs and if, after this conversation, I feel that your requirements are something I am unable to deliver, I will always be honest and provide recommendations, where possible, to point you in the right direction to gain the help you need.

Getting to know you, your company and requirements will be my aim in the first instance, from this I can get a real feel for you and your businesses personality, branding and objectives, to enable me to provide you with appropriate solutions to your needs.

I work mainly remotely, but for longer term projects, or those that require face to face time, I am always happy to arrange to come and meet you and your team at your office either to meet and get to know each other or to work alongside them for the duration of the project.

If face to face time is not required I can schedule regular online and telephone meetings to ensure that communication lines are always open and the work I’m carrying out is in line with your vision.


How I can help you


For those who would like access to a marketer’s expertise but without the overheads of recruiting an employee, I can work on a retainer basis. By doing this we can agree on a number of hours I would work for you per month to meet set objectives. That way you only pay when you require my services, so if one month I’m not required you don’t pay, alternatively, if I meet the objectives in less hours than originally agreed one month, those hours would roll over to the next time you require my services.

One-off projects

Many companies simply need my services for a short term project, this could be creating a new website, setting up social media accounts or it could be for a company re-brand or design of some marketing collateral.

If this is your requirement I will provide a quote with a full break down of costs, (including any 3rd party costings, if required) and the work involved to achieve the desired results for your project. Once you have reviewed the quote we will agree on timescales and (if needed) feedback and sign off’s will also be agreed.

Who I work with

My goal is to make my marketing services more affordable for small businesses and the self-employed, who can’t necessarily afford to employ a marketing professional or pay for expensive marketing agencies to help.

My services can be helpful to any business that either can’t afford to employ a marketing professional or simply may not need someone to manage their marketing and website on a full time basis. Also those that just require one-off or short term assistance for a project or even to cover the absence of an employee.