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  • Amanda Cooper

4 Ways for your Business to Adapt & Thrive Post Lockdown in 2021

Businesses all around the world have had to adapt and rethink the way they offer their services and products due to Covid-19. Studies have shown that internet usage has increased by at least 20% in that time, which is why thinking outside the box and going digital has been a crucial factor in any business that has managed to survive or even thrive in these times.

The recent reopening of restaurants, pubs, gyms and shops is a really positive step for all those businesses out there that have been forced to shut for so long. However, there will still be many people who are apprehensive to go out yet, which is why digital methods are still vital to ensure survival.

Whether you sell products or services, it is crucial to make sure you are adapting to ensure you can cater to your customers both in person, as restrictions lift, and online for those customers who still aren’t yet ready to go out and mix with the world. Not only that, but you will also find that many people have gotten used to expecting everything to be convenient and available online now even post lockdown. Below are a few achievable things you can do to help continue to cater for all of your clients, whether they are ready for a post lockdown world or not.

Connecting locally through social media

Staying connected with your local community and supporting others where you can, is a great way of contributing to your community and helping others that are vulnerable, but also to provide the opportunity for support for you and your business if needed. That doesn't mean simply posting regularly on your social pages, social media is about being social, so start talking to others through your platform. Comment on other peoples posts and offer support and advice where you can. By doing this you are building better relationships within your local community, this will benefit you as a business and show you are supporting other businesses and individuals in these challenging times.

Embrace Deliveries or Doorstep Options

Delivery is not a new concept; however, many small businesses have adapted their offerings to be delivered to people’s doorsteps. This hasn’t just involved restaurants; I’ve seen this used for events companies who offer things like cocktails or afternoon teas through to photographers offering doorstep photoshoots. If you're struggling to come up with something that will work for your business then have a look around the internet, there are so many companies out there that have used this challenging period to completely revolutionise what they offer, get inspiration from those and try to think outside the box.

Stay on Top of your Online Presence

Your social media and website are crucial to making sure people find you when searching for your products or services. Remember you don’t have to be on every single social platform available, you just need to be on the right ones for your industry. For these platforms make sure you are updating them regularly and offering a range of posts including personal, sales and helpful information, as well as talking to others through these channels to help build relationships. With your website, update it regularly to make sure your content is relevant and accurate. Also make sure it is mobile friendly with eye catching design and easy for visitors to navigate. You can find out more on how to make your website good quality here.

Prepare for Further Changes in the Future

Although lockdown is slowly easing, there is a chance that restrictions could fluctuate during this transition, and so it would be wise to prepare for this eventuality and ensure you are still able to provide contact-free options as well as face to face. By doing this you will cater for all clients, from those who are raring to get back out there to your more apprehensive clients who are reluctant to leave their house, plus everyone in between. A flexible approach and a willingness to adapt as things change are key to growing your business through these challenges.

If you’ve been unsure about how to adapt your business, I hope at least one of these tips might have inspired you for your business.

In the hope to inspire you further and to show you a real life example my next post will follow one of my clients and how they have adapted and thrived through the pandemic and numerous lockdowns.

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